A Life Sentence of Awesomeness

Did you know that you can hold yourself in a zone of empowerment or disempowerment with a single thought?

I had no idea how true this was. I discovered – after all my many years of success and positive outcomes – that I had adopted a point of view of “it’s not working.” I discovered this because stuff in my life wasn’t working the way I wanted it to. I discovered it because someone else (my coach) pointed it out to me. I was experiencing it, but I did not see something really profound. I did not see that I was creating my experience with this “it’s not working” as a mantra. As a forethought.

I only figured it out after someone pointed it out because they suggested I might try another mantra called “See, it’s working!”

Do you know how hard it is to switch from “it’s not working” to “see, it’s working”?

It is EASY to make that switch. You just do it!

However, as easy and available as that is, it requires one thing. Being willing to drop one for the other.

OK, so what happens now?

I gave myself an exercise. I said “write down how “it’s not working” is showing up in your life. I wrote it down. Sure enough, IT WAS NOT WORKING.

Then I did the other way. “See, it’s working!” had a whole different EVERYTHING about it. It felt different, of course, and was equally plausible, unexpectedly enough. I could see how everything WAS working. I could drop the negative feelings, which are tantamount to resistance, and move forward without any resistance at all.


Both sentences, “It’s not working” and “see, it’s working” can be true. It’s up to me. I see that the second sentence is better, though!

Who knew we could sentence ourselves to whatever we choose? Try this as an experiment. Look for the sentence that is operating in your experience right now. What if you flip it to the opposite? Try it on? Which sentence has the better outcome? CHOOSE THAT ONE!



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