Creator – that’s You!

I’m super jazzed about working with people in creation. We are all here to generate cool stuff, no two of us alike, all capable beyond belief. Capable of and already full of amazing brilliance. Capable of stepping out on the frontier of creation, creating new, fresh things. Emerging new.

My life has been an unfolding process of discovering the relationship between Creator and Creating.

I learned long ago in Sunday School that Creator created the Heavens and the Earth. I learned that Creator took 7 days and 7 nights to do this. On the sixth day, Creator created Man and Woman. In God’s Image.

Later, in school I learned that there were people who thought this Nonsense. I learned that this was an Interpretation, a Mythology. I learned that there was a significant group who thought Creator created the Heavens and the Earth and Man through a Big Bang and Evolution and maybe it didn’t even involve a Creator. I learned that there were people who stacked up on at least two different sides of this conversation, as though it were important to be on a side.

When I was in my mid-teens, amidst major struggle of the war in Viet Nam, the unrest in Berkeley and Kent State and other places, amidst the new thought swirling around hallucinogenic drugs, eastern religion and new thought forms, I chose to place myself safely in the Christian Church. This was my own choice, different from my parents’. Not mainstream, denominational Christianity, I chose a form that was less formal and more familial. I knew Creator who created in 7 days and 7 nights.

Years later that less-formal and more familial form of Church became constricting. No longer only my safe haven, it now had become potentially cult-like. I made a new choice. I knew Creator as bigger than the constriction of that kind of Church that requires submission and exercises control over its subjects. Creator offered me a path that was bigger and I took it.

Meanwhile as I had this intense inquiry going on inside, I kept showing up in environments where everyone was required to invent stuff! In the hospitals and clinics we generated whatever it took to help people resolve physical barriers in their bodies. In the advertising agencies we invented with words and concepts to generate movement: the movement of people from where they were behaviorally to solutions we provided for them via our clients’ products. In product development, we pulled in ideas “from thin air” and converted them into things like mobility on beautiful, sexy, updated mountain bikes and virtual exotic experiences in digitally coded space battles!

I contemplated Creator, while working with Creators of all shapes, sizes and passions.

Now I have a deep appreciation for Creator as God and Creator in all of us. I don’t really care if the earth was created by a 7-day process or if it took longer and happened some other way. Some beautiful Force had this occur. I don’t relate to either God or Goddess per se, I relate to Creator and I think the Bible reference of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” means “Creator in you, glory personified”. I view each of us as vibrant swatches of Creator.

That’s why I am so jazzed about working with people in creating. I’m super grateful for all the juicy experiences of this. I live for this! It’s TOTAL FUN to see and work with Creator in everyone and assist and facilitate in the liberation of all that brilliance!

Now here’s what I want to know. What is it like for you when you are on the brink of something new? What does it feel like? Do you feel like you are stepping into the unknown? Do you find it scary or exhilarating? Have you experienced liberty in this? Liberation? Do you ever feel like you are on an edge, a frontier? How is this for you? Is the frontier a place you like to hang out, or is it a place you avoid like the plague?

Please tell me about your experience! What helps you get over the step at the edge of the known into the unknown?


5 thoughts on “Creator – that’s You!”

  1. Jackie Sponsler Koch

    Robin! I'm so excited for you! I haven't yet had a chance to read everything here, but I see a very exciting business. Congrantulations!


  2. Hi Robin

    Your email notice, the web site and the blog all tie in together marvelously. Bravo for getting off the mark running so fast.

    Break a leg. 😉




  3. So great to hear your voice and enthusiasm in this unleashing of what the Creator has given to each of us.  I can relate to your questions of being on the brink of something new.  Most recently, it was stepping into thin air to paraglide in the Alpes.  I pretty much was numb from the neck up….


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