What really makes me angry about the world ~ prompted by Live Your Legend folks

I’m seething underneath, however, I’ve trained myself to ignore that. So it doesn’t arrive until I’ve really gone downhill, when I’ve gone to a low and black mood and that does not happen unless I’ve stopped moving forward.

But aside from that if I had to say what really pisses me off, it’s people taking advantage of each other. It’s people dissing people for no good reason but pure hatefulness. People not bothering to care about another person, or another person’s property, or another being like an animal or a tree. It’s people who destroy or steal others’ property. It’s disrespect for another’s freedom.

I can also say there is a sort of violence also about not caring. It’s a sort of stealing, too. Stealing from oneself, ones’ life force, stealing from the other.

As I write this, I wonder if it is people whose freedom is perceived to be non-existent who do these things. People who have been trampled or perceive that they have been ripped off themselves. I can only assume the answer is yes.

The point is, these people who anger me may be acting out of the anger of having been treated exactly as I want to treat them when I diss them for dissing another person or their stuff.

So it’s circular.

I get to have my pissed offness, but they don’t. Because I harbor it internally or very close to me, while others take it out on others. And which is more destructive? I’d wager to say they are all destructive, and I won’t try to do the math about which is the most destructive. It’s all destructive, but that’s the flip side of creative.

When we get the energy right, it’s for powerful creating, instead of destroying.

And …. sometimes destroying is creating.

So what happened to the anger?

It got re-routed :).


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