Here We Go Again, Another New Year!

Do you begin the new year like “well, here we go again, I wonder what this year will hold?” 

Or do you blast off into it, with absolute certainty that you know exactly what you’ll be doing and celebrating when the year is over?

There’s a middle ground that works best for me. I enter with “I wonder” while holding a “wouldn’t it be cool if” stance and building towards that coolness I let myself imagine.

“I wonder,” as a practice, can be a great place to begin. It’s creative. It’s playful. It’s unlimited. You can dream into it without committing. Ideas that are still unformed inside you can begin to take shape.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if” can be a step further towards bringing an idea into being. Placing the cool idea onto a calendar nudges things forward a bit more. Making plans, seeing who comes to mind to build ideas with. 

I’m excited about 2022. The world we live in now has been reshaped by the covid pandemic. Each of us have made choices in response to and in reaction to it. As we live forward into what we want to create around us, there’s new opportunity to bring forth our best and improve life for those around us and for ourselves in new ways. 

Personally, I’ve wondered how I can take what I’ve been doing with clients, and have it more powerfully influence their day to day lives. 

Wouldn’t it be cool if together, we could witness 3x growth – or more – in 2022? What would that mean for you? Tripling revenues? Tripling profits? What would have to change for profits to triple? 

What could happen as a result of that growth?

Since 2011, I’ve been consulting and coaching business leaders to revisit and strengthen the foundations they’re building their business on, to be better able to tell their story and communicate their value. 

I focus on brand strategy. It captures the entire realm of brand building, defining a brand from its very deep roots in order to express it well through branding elements and in marketing, applying actions to help the brand grow. 

My sweet spot is exploring the story behind the business, clarifying the elements that are important for growth now, and connecting the dots for a strong, successful business in today’s world and environment. 

But what if you’re not feeling ready to tackle a full on brand strategy process? 

You may be interested to schedule an “I wonder” and “wouldn’t it be cool if” process. If you’re still wondering about what’s possible in 2022, hit me up for a discovery session at this link

In 2022 I’m excited to be focusing even more on defining and building brand foundations through a series of workshops and group programs. 

I’ll introduce you to my creative partners, designers and developers of beautiful expressions of your brand.

I love seeing leadership skills deepen and level up as a result of our foundational work. 

  • Owners and teams increase their ability to build their business. 
  • They develop more freedom to connect with the people in their business, whether advisors, staff, vendors or clients and customers, from a place of freedom. 
  • They feel more confident, because they know they’re on target with what they are saying and who they are talking to. 

Because of this, they enjoy the ability to create more vision and impact with their work. 

My 1:1 consulting packages and my group programs are designed to fit the needs of my clients. Let’s have a personal conversation to explore what you need to move your business forward and see if we are a fit to work together. 

Here is a link for you to get a spot on my calendar. I look forward to speaking with you!

I wonder what you will create this year! Wouldn’t it be cool if 2022 represented the year in which your business took a giant leap forward? A 3x leap?

I would love to see that happen for you and your business!


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