Is your business going where you want it to?

Robin Holland

You’re running your business the way you always have. But … you want to do more. To be more. You have some ideas about this. When you get down to it, you actually have a lot of clarity. But it’s hard to figure out what exactly you need to do. And when you need to do it … And it’s a challenge to move forward, doing some things differently. Because there are things only you can do – you can’t delegate them. In the crush of all the things that you need to do, certain things don’t happen. Life takes over. 
An unbiased, experienced partner-collaborator would be great to help define and program what’s next … You’re wondering if there’s someone out there to help you make progress in a way that doesn’t compromise you.
Hi, I’m Robin! Nice to meet you!
I’m a combination business coach and brand strategist. I’ve been an employee, an employer, a media planner, and an entrepreneur.  I can read your situation easily, and reflect it back to you. Together, we can clarify what steps to take and the order in which to take them, to accomplish your goals. You’ll see results coming in areas you’ve been thinking about for a long time!
As a brand strategist, I’ll work with you to uncover the uniqueness of your work and help you express it better. In words, in projects and in partnerships — so you can build in a way that positions you well and connects you more effectively with those you serve. Yes, I can help you develop your initial branding or rebranding elements! And, branding is so much more than a nice logo or consistently used brand colors. Branding is about people perceiving your work for what it really is so you cultivate a market and community that really fits.
As a business coach, I’ll help you arrange the pieces of your business so you can successfully grow. And as you grow, I’ll provide a collaborative partner to continue to stretch in a healthy way.
Let’s have a conversation together and explore your situation.  Connect with me here to set up time to talk. Put “Consult Request” in the subject line!


In our introductory conversation we’ll:

♦ Learn about you and your business focus
♦ Explore your current situation and see what you need most now
Discover your most important next step

If this is speaking to you, you’re looking to make a difference in the world. You’ve specialized in a way of doing things that makes life better for others.

You’re a positive force!

You’ve navigated inside the business box and made a livelihood around for yourself. There’ve been times when that worked well.

Yet sometimes it’s hard to give yourself enough credit for what you’ve done. To feel proud. To identify with and feel great about your successes. And I have a notion about why…

“What stands out is how you were able to spot what was really shiny about me and verbalize it, and I was reminded that things I take for granted about my process might be special. You also confirmed my inner questions about marketing with vulnerability.” ~ Kate Pintor, Kate Pintor Consulting

Does any of this describe you?

You might consider yourself an “accidental entrepreneur.” You’ve built your business on unique or out of the box ideas that brought you success.
Lately, what used to work doesn’t appeal to you anymore.
At times, you’ve wondered if you needed to work on your “attitude.” Get out of town for a long weekend. Restlessness and boredom were familiar companions.
You may have felt like a misfit and wondered if your ideas actually were “unrealistic.” Because it seemed like your opportunities had gone flat, and your ideas didn’t seem to have the oomph they used to.
You knew you could continue doing things “as usual”– you’ve been doing that for years. At times, projects did please you. Where it mattered that you were you, because your uniqueness created value.
What you haven’t known is how to climb out of this rut permanently.
But you know it’s draining you to keep doing what you’ve been doing. You don’t want to continue as a partial version of yourself anymore. These feelings may even be affecting your relationships at home. They may be affecting your income, too. They’re dimming your zest, and sometimes, even your belief in yourself.
You long to feel alive again. With your excitement, passion and unique vision guiding everything you do.
Because in the very core of who you are, you’re a “creative.” Who’s been trying to “make it work” in an outdated vision of your work! It’s not set up to recognize or support your gifts now. You’ve actually been “off brand,” out of synch with who you’re becoming, who you’ve become.
I’m here to tell you that you can succeed in your next chapter, reinventing your way, on your terms. I’m here to provide collaboration and support for you to do it.
For a new spin on your career, an updated platform for your business, or something a little crazier — let’s talk!

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” ~ Lao Tzu

My Story

My love of words and books and stories is what first got me to the ad agency business in San Francisco. The creativity of that business drew me in. This led me on to product marketing companies. In the bike industry (Fisher Mountainbikes) and computer games (LucasArts). And then Totally Games, the interactive game studio my husband and I built. Brand-building was the name of the game during those years. Especially building Totally Games from scratch!
I expected Totally Games to last forever. But when the industry changed, we needed to pivot with the market and we lost our footing.
With this unexpected turn, it was time to create my own business. I didn’t feel ready. I felt scared to go out on my own, sad that our company wasn’t going forward.
I floundered. I’d get great ideas and talk myself out of them. Being on my own was very different from being in corporate, or partnered with my husband in our business. I couldn’t see clearly. Many days, I googled all my options. I took a ton of trainings and courses, trying to figure out who I was.
It took me years to connect with what made me tick. I remember the moment when I made the commitment to myself to build my business. There I was, face to face with my future mentor. I felt terrified to invest in myself! We had kids in college, and debt from our company. I needed help to move forward. She looked me straight in the eyes, and told me, “Robin, it doesn’t have to be this hard. With support, it can be so much easier.”
That was the moment I decided to start.
Since then, I’ve been on my own journey of serving entrepreneurs and business owners to create in a way that brings them great satisfaction. To experience joy, positive impact, and prosperity. That’s what I want for you!
Why is this so important?
You’re here with a specific, unique gift. Frustration may cut you off from your greatest source of aliveness. We don’t want that! Instead, let’s dig in and build on all the great pieces you’ve already got!
It’s time to make a move into that wild zone of fresh creation. Create a new vision for yourself and your business. Get aligned with your essential elements. Express this in a wonderful way!

“When Robin says she helps co-create with you, she does so with the totality of her intuitive heart and brilliant mind. Her life experiences, business acumen, and depth of transformational impact allow her to guide with wisdom and discernment” ~ Vanessa Horn, The Signature Series.


Back to you…

I’ve told you that my work is about you — do you see a connection? Do you find yourself in my story? I’m guessing you’re still reading because you’re ready for a breakthrough.

Maybe a little nudge is all you really need to get started …

Would you like some help with that?

I connect best with people who:

  • Sense there’s opportunity in their work or life that they’re missing.
  • Are ready to notch things up in their work and are open to new possibilities.
  • Are willing to go on the journey and be in the process … there might be trepidation, but they’re going to do it. They know it’s time.
  • Have a big expansive ability, a big capacity — like having a giant set of lungs to sing with. They want an expanded, unbridled expression.

If we work together, you can count on me to:

  • See you for who you truly are. I can’t help but see your genius!
  • Deeply connect with the person you are inside.
  • Be committed to your greatness. I will stand with you while you get your sea-legs to show up fully in all that you are.

My intentions for you:

  • Whatever you want to build, whatever you want to author, we will get that done.
  • To have fun in this process — it can feel weightless and be powerful!
  • You’ll create real-world results. Change at this level is felt by anyone who encounters you — your market, yes — but also your family, friends, and the larger world. Your company will get the best you have to offer. You’ll feel the joy of finding more freedom, spaciousness and authenticity, as a conscious creator, and manifesting the gifts you are here to give.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”~ Martha Graham

Ready to collaborate? If this is speaking to you, let’s talk.