Business Development Collaboration

As a Certified Business Coach, I’m trained to accelerate extraordinary results in your business.

Business coaching is for accelerating your ability to bring about extraordinary results as a business owner. Intentional collaboration between business owner and coach yields strategies that empower you to realize the outcomes you want most. Just like in sports, the partnership between coach and player sparks accelerated progress. And it’s more enjoyable progress.

Business coaching is especially great for smaller companies, because it gives you access to resources and thinking to position yourself more competitively and uniquely. Similar to, but different from executive coaching, business coaching is applied across the company, focusing initially on the business owner and potentially reaching and empowering every team member.

Business coaching addresses and expands your capacity in the following areas:

Commitment: How to presence your commitment and create your prosperity.

Transformative Planning: Designing the Future: how to have it in the Present.

Keeping Track: What’s the Score? Keeping track with key metrics enlivens everything.

Personal leadership: Upgrading skills of self-realization for impacting the world.

Team: Is your team made of the right players so everyone benefits?

Systems optimized:  What does your team need to achieve great results together?

Culture: Your company’s culture may be ready for an upgrade.

Communication: If there is one key to success, this is it and it’s always in play.

Marketing: The quality of your messaging, from product through customer satisfaction.

Sales: The quality of your service to your customers and clients lives in the quality of your sales conversation.

Customer Service: How do you show that you truly care?

Bold solutions: How to architect and implement new ideas with simplicity and ease.

Leaders and companies that put this process into play realize, on average, a 3 to 1 return on investment. By some estimates the return is more like 800%. But this is subjective. Humans use only 10% of their capacity. In the sports domain, athletes know they can’t win with only 10% of their capacity, so coaching was born. This has now been leveraged into business.